1. Get on the Balcony
1. Get on the Balcony Gaining perspective in the midst of action is the first step in leadership. Breathe, go outside, take a walk, host a retreat. Whatever it takes, even for a minute, to reflect before diving back into the action.
2. Distinguish between Technical and Adaptive Problems
2. Distinguish between Technical and Adaptive Problems Technical problems come with known solutions that are amenable to subject matter expertise. With adaptive problems, the solution is unknown and requires learning. Avoid the most common leadership mistake - putting a technical fix on an adaptive problem - and you can save time and resources.
3. Exercising Leadership vs Authority
3. Exercising Leadership vs Authority Exercising authority tends to maintain the status quo and prevent change. Exercising leadership on the other hand requires "disrupting your own people at a tolerable pace" on behalf of your purpose. What's something you care enough about to take the risk of exercising leadership?
4. Courageous Conversations
4. Courageous Conversations Challenging the status quo requires that you surface conflict while - at the same time - maintaining relationship with the very people who are impeding progress. Often though, the first courageous conversation needed is the one with yourself.
5. Thinking Politically
5. Thinking Politically Having a compelling vision and value proposition often isn't sufficient to tackle adaptive challenges. Leadership isn't just a sales job. Take into consideration people's values, loyalties and losses at risk and you'll increase the likelihood of success.

How adaptive you are?

Adaptive Leadership

Tackling challenges with no known or easy answers

Adaptive Leadership is a framework and set of tools and techniques for leading change during times of uncertainty. It was developed over forty-plus years at Harvard Kennedy School by Drs. Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky - and further developed and refined by Alexander Grashow and practioners worldwide. Today, tens of thousands of people leverage Adaptive Leadership on the most pressing challenges of our times

How adaptive you are?

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